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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017

Frankly I wish I didn’t have to ask that question...or for that matter write this piece of advice. But we are all human – thus sometimes weak, even insecure. The best fantasy baseball advice I could give you before the season started would have been to not even look at the standings for at least the first two weeks of the season.

But heck I can’t follow that advice so I can’t blame you if you look at each of your leagues every day. But exactly WHAT is it you expect to learn after Week One? And a short week at that – teams playing only three or four games in the last ten days. YOU aren’t going to base your whole season on that are you?

I mean we are not talking replacing a DL player in your lineup – you have already done that whether it was sometime last week or yesterday or today for this week.

And those of you who had your first waiver wire run or FAAB have tried to replace the Victor Martinez, Ryan Madson, and Andrew Baileys of your fantasy teams.

And yes you should read box scores and game recaps and other fantasy relevant columns every day (or as often as you can).

But you shouldn’t be throwing your team away....it’s less than one single week of approximately TWENTY SIX. The time for real decisions about trades is IMHO at least a month away (barring the completely obvious you drafted two closers, inherited two more and lost a catcher and some guy wants to give you Wilson Ramos for your worst new closer).

But as I have written every year for the last decade…PLEASE do us both a favor and take a chill pill.

How about after you read this you forget about your fantasy teams for the rest of the day (assuming you have already set your lineups) and take your wife or significant other or best non partner friend  out for dinner…or dinner and a movie...or a movie and dessert.

Let’s talk next week...maybe later this week if you like...you know where to find me.

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