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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

So, last night I trudged into my second Draftstreet foray.,

Draftstreet, as you likely know is a Website that offers daily matchup chances that are akin to the stock market. Except, instead of buy Apple stock, you can buy Josh Hamilton, and instead of penny stocks there is Matt Capps.

I know my mate Lord Zola has been hyping it up (hey, we have to try and drive some income somehow, right?) shamelessy, but, the reality is Draftsteet is pretty fun.

For one thing, it is low intensity. You pick a roster of 14 players (with a salary cap) one day, and the next day you find out whether you were among the winners of your respective league. Meaning, no day-to-day perusing of transactions or long-term planning. So, the combination makes the process a bit of though while assembling a lineup, and a little focus while either cursing at, or extolling the production of your team, and then it is tomorrow. And, once tomorrow arrives, if you want to set another lineup, knockest thyself out. If not, well, no problem. Just pick it right back up next time the mood strikes.

Again, as you have likely seen, Todd has been writing about his participation in a special league with Draftstreet every other Friday, and the league is free, so, the opportunity for potential addiction is up to you.

Well, I set my second roster Friday, and I did do a lot better than my first shot (a miserable 36.5 points, two weeks ago) bagging 67.3 points, and finishing a good 100 spots above last time (this week I was #37).

Before I reveal my roster, I have to admit that I am as an experiential learner.

I will read the rules, but they seem somewhat abstract to me until I see/experience them in play, so, my first shot at anything is usually a failure, but also a kind of stick in the sand of what works, or does not at a high level (actually reading Todd's pieces and reasoning might help you a lot with this, too).

I do tend to not pay so much to lefty/right matchups at large, for I do always think good hitters and pitchers will be successful and trying to guess when one will have a good start or not in a straight fantasy context, is too iffy.

But, I now do admit in a microcosm game like Draftstreet, it does make a difference, as do basic pitcher ballpark match-ups.

So, paying attention to these details is a plus.

Otherwise, there are a couple of basic tenets at play: Either pick the hot hand, expecting the trend to continue for more money, or grab the underpriced underachiever (i.e. Albert Pujols these days) hoping the trend will stop.

So, while Todd took John Mayberry, Jr. and Danny Espinosa--both of whom homered last night--I took Josh Hamilton and Brandon Inge--both of whom also homered last night.

BTW, I do think, among those matchup things, that there is wisdom in picking switch hitters.

  • C: Humberto Quintero (bust city)
  • 1B: Kila Ka'aihue (7 points from a couple of hits and a knock. Old Kila might be finally realizing some of that potential)
  • 2B: Ryan Raburn (another bust. I have him in Tout so I guess I was hoping Ryan would do something. Sentimental mistake)
  • 3B: Brandon Inge (woo hoo, four dingers this week, and I have him in Tout as well)
  • SS: Erick Aybar (another Tout bust and one here too. I think I am seeing a pattern?)
  • OF:Josh Hamilton (big night, two dingers, 17.5 points)
  • OF: Ryan Braun (5.5 points)
  • OF: Dayan Viciedo (got a hit, but another Tout bust: if my busts simply got hot I would be close to first place)
  • UT: Giancarlo Stanton  (Josh Reddick would have been better)
  • UT: Erik Komatsu (another guy I thought could just pull a couple of singles cos he was due)
  • SP: Gio Gonzalez (nice pick who had a good game)
  • SP: Madison Bumgarner (nice pick who had a bad game)
  • RP: Matt Capps (closers are dirt cheap, and this one paid off)
  • UP: Jeremy Hellickson (had a good enough game)

So, based upon last time, which was a total stab, and the sentimental mistakes I made this week, let's shoot for another 30 point increase next time and maybe a showing in the Top 10.


0 #2 Todd Zola 2012-05-14 00:49
Prettu funny, I was 35th.
0 #1 Pasko Varnica 2012-05-14 00:21
I was 34th with 0.65 more points and I picked Pujols for exactly the reason you mention: the law of averages says that soon or later....but it was not this past Friday

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