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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017


Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well as the runner-up bids. There are three TOUT leagues, a 12-team AL only, 13-team NL only and 15-team Mixed League. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

Tout Wars uses a modified Vickrey system to award bids. For a complete description of the Vickrey system, click HERE for the Tout Wars constitution.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

PLEASE NOTE: Beginning this week, all contingency bid for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is a contingency bid tied to a player that owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.




CJanssen, Tor 38 (12) Liss 11 Wolf/Colton 8 Behrens 8 Schechter 5 Shandler 5 Berry
VGuerrero, Tor 28 (10) Berry
XAvery, Bal 18 (10) Leibowitz 5 Berry 2 Shandler
DNava, Bos 12 Berry 3 Erickson 1 Siano 0 Michaels
3 Siano
BDuensing, Min 7 Berry 2 Leibowitz 0 Shandler
DMastroianni, Min 7 Michaels 3 Behrens 3 Berry 2 Shandler 2 Erickson 0 Berry
SPodsednik, Bos 5 Berry
PWalters, Min 5 Berry 3 Shandler
JDonaldson, Oak 3 Leibowitz 3 Berry 2 Shandler
CCowgill, Oak 2 Erickson 4 Berry 2 Behrens 1 Siano
MBanuelos, NYY 1 Behrens
DButera, Min 1 Siano
KHerrera, KC 0 Shandler 0 Leibowitz
NPunto, Bos 0 Shandler 0 Siano


BHall, Bal 3 Michaels 1 Siano 0 Berry
STolleson, Bal 2 Berry
TScheppers, Tex 2 Berry
WMyers, KC 2 Berry
CStewart, NYY 0 Siano
MLowe, Tex 0 Shandler 0 Leibowitz

Rob Leibowitz' Commentary

This week’s three largest bids demonstrated enthusiasm on the parts of three Touts, yours truly included, for players where most of the other Touts were not so enthused. Why? Well, overall, it was lack of belief in the three players and it may come down to a question of playing time rather than skill that was the cause of skepticism. Casey Janssen, who garnered a $38 bid and was purchased for $12 was recently named the Blue Jay’s closer. Janssen picked up 6 bids and perhaps should have drawn a bit more aggressive bids as we are talking about a pitcher who really has excelled since moving to full time relief in 2010, producing greater than 8.0 K/9’s and sub 3.0 BB/9s while getting groundballs roughly 45% or greater of the time. It all comes down to a case of gopheritis. If Janssen can locate better, he could legitimately hang onto the role until Santos returns and that is the other side of the coin as Santos is poised to return in just a few weeks.

Xavier Avery has talent and even though he could be sent down when Nolan Reimold returns, I opted for a semi-aggressive $17 bid ($10 Vickery adjusted) on his services with the idea that Baltimore’s DHs have not been producing and that Avery could force his way into a starting job with Reimold moving to DH later in the season.  The 22-year old lefty has mid-teens pop potential, 30+ stolen base potential, and is actually quite a disciplined hitter. So I thought it an acceptable risk on a player with talent and in a league with little offensive talent currently avaiablle.




CFriedrich, Col 9 Kreutzer 8 Walton 8 Ravitz 5 Hertz 4 Cockcroft 3 Carty
3 Peterson 3 Gianella 3 Pianowski
SVanSlyke, LAD 6 Peterson 3 Ravitz 3 Cockcroft 2 Gianella 0 Walton 0 Kreutzer
DMurphy, Fla 5 Pianowski 0 Kreutzer
BBrach, SD 4 Zola 0 Cockcroft 0 Ravitz
CCulberson, SF 4 Kreutzer
MFontenot, Phi 4 Kreutzer 1 Ravitz
TMoore, Was 4 Gianella 1 Cockcroft 0 Peterson 0 Kreutzer
EHerrera, LAD 4 Carty 2 Walton
FRodriguez, Mil 3 Gianella 3 Hertz
JBell, Ari 3 Zola
JDarnell, SD 2 Gianella 0 Peterson 0 Walton
BLincoln, Pit 2 Cockcroft 2 Hertz
JGyorko, SD 2 Carty
LOndrusek, Cin 3 Kreutzer 1 Pianowski
EMaysonet, Mil 0 Ravitz 0 Kreutzer
JSuppan, SD 0 Peterson
JHarrison, Pit 0 Peterson
MCostanzo, Cin 0 Walton 0 Peterson
MNickeas, NYM 0 Gardner
AKearns, Fla 0 Ravitz 0 Peterson 0 Kreutzer


MCairo, Cin 3 Zola 0 Kreutzer
ABastardo, Phi 1 Pianowski
BHayes, Fla 0 Gardner
BSchneider, Phi 0 Gardner
CrMartinez, Atl 0 Kreutzer
FSalas, StL 0 Carty
HBlanco, Ari 0 Gardner
JArredondo, Cin 0 Ravitz
JGiambi, Col 0 Kreutzer
JSellers, LAD 0 Kreutzer
MKotsay, SD 0 Kreutzer
TCruz, StL 0 Gardner
WValdez, Cin 0 Kreutzer

Brian Walton's Commentary:

There are a lot of moving parts in and around the Colorado rotation, including struggling Jamie Moyer and rehabbing Jorge De La Rosa. Last week, Christian Friedrich replaced disappointing and demoted Drew Pomeranz in the Rockies starting five and had a solid MLB debut. That led to over half the league chasing the left-hander for a two-start week ahead. The winning bid of $9 from Peter Kreutzer shaded the $8 offers from me and Nate Ravitz.

I also came in second in a play for Dodgers Triple-A middle infielder Elian Herrera, with Derek Carty doubling up my $2 bid. With uncertainty surrounding scuffling shortstop Dee Gordon, Herrera is an intriguing play -if called up. The 27-year-old switch-hitter has a 17-game hitting streak, a.358 average and is 9-for-12 in stolen base attempts at Albuquerque this season. It will be a lot more difficult in the National League, however.




BFuentes, Oak 29 (23) DiFino 22 Zinkie 21 VanRiper 12 Steinhorn 9 Flowers 8 Gonos
6 Singman 2 Heaney 1 Schwartz
CJanssen, Tor 27 (10) McCaffrey 11 VanRiper 7 Zinkie 2 Singman 2 Heaney 2 Gonos
0 Minnix
DThayer, SD 14 (10) VanRiper 9 McCaffrey 6 Singman 6 Flowers 6 DiFino 4 Zinkie
4 Gonos 2 Heaney 0 Minnix
JWieland, SD 8 Davitt
RBernadina, Was 6 Flowers 5 Swanay 3 Zinkie
MThornton, CWS 6 Flowers 1 Heaney 0 Minnix
JRauch, NYM 5 Singman 12 VanRiper 5 Flowers 4 Zinkie 2 Steinhorn 2 Heaney
0 Minnix
TColvin, Col 4 Heaney 4 Minnix 1 Swanay 1 DiFino
JHannahan, Cle 4 Gonos 0 Zinkie
RSweeney, Bos 4 DiFino 2 Flowers 1 Heaney 0 Zinkie 0 Davitt
BInge, Oak 3 Heaney 2 Flowers 0 Minnix
BDozier, Min 3 Minnix 0 Zinkie
FDoubront, Bos 3 Gonos 1 Schwartz
WBetemit, Bal 3 Swanay 3 Flowers 0 Zinkie 0 Davitt
RDelgado, Atl 3 Swanay 1 Schwartz
SSmith, Oak 3 Swanay
JJaso, Sea 2 Gonos 0 Steinhorn
AHarang, LAD 2 Steinhorn
CFriedrich, Col 2 Singman 0 Minnix
JWilliams, LAA 1 Schwartz
JFlores, Was 1 Steinhorn 0 Minnix
JMayberry, Phi 0 Minnix 1 Swanay 0 Zinkie 0 Gonos 0 DiFino
MEllis, LAD 0 Zinkie 2 Heaney 2 Flowers
RHanigan, Cin 0 Steinhorn
DDeJesus, ChC 0 Davitt 2 Heaney 2 Flowers 0 Minnix
BChen, KC 0 Davitt
JRussell, ChC 0 Minnix
BLyon, Hou 0 DiFino
MIzturis, LAA 0 Davitt


DLowe, Cle 3 Gonos
PBourjos, LAA 3 Flowers 0 Davitt
CGentry, Tex 2 Flowers 0 Zinkie 0 Davitt
CPennington, Oak 2 Flowers 0 Davitt
JUribe, LAD 2 Flowers 1 Heaney 0 Gonos
RAnkiel, Was 2 Flowers
TGwynn, LAD 2 Flowers
FRodriguez, Mil 1 VanRiper
TGreen, Mil 1 Swanay 0 Heaney
TPlouffe, Min 1 Swanay
JCrain, CWS 1 Singman 0 Davitt
BParnell, NYM 1 Heaney
CHeisey, Cin 0 Zinkie
JKeppinger, TB 0 Heaney
GLaird, Det 0 Gonos
MNickeas, NYM 0 Gonos

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary:

In this season of historic closer turnover, a boatload of FAAB dollars this week were spent on potential saves. Newly anointed A’s stopper Brian Fuentes garnered the most attention, and for good reason. With 201 career saves to his record, Fuentes should handle his new role just fine, and it would not at all be surprising to see him hold onto the closing gig through the end of the season. Fuentes ended up costing Nando DiFino, who entered in a $29 bid, $23. I would’ve loved to add Fuentes to my roster as a third closer, but having already spent more than half of my season FAAB budget I limited myself to a $12 bid. Casey Janssen and Dale Thayer, both fill-in closers, were the next highest priced players, going to Gene McCaffrey and Derek Van Riper respectively for the Vickrey adjusted cost of $10. While Janssen and Thayer are merely temporary closers, they should give their new owners a handful of saves before Sergio Santos and Huston Street come off the DL. Other buys of note included Jon Rauch, who could supplant the erratic Frank Francisco sooner rather than later, and Christian Freidrich, the newest member of the Rockies’ starting rotation. Freidrich has posted elite strikeout numbers in the Minors and is coming off a strong big league debut.

I was faced with the depressing task of replacing both of my starting backstops, Wilson Ramos and Chris Iannetta. Meet my new catcher duo: Jesus Flores and Ryan Hanigan! I’m actually pretty high on Flores, as he has proven to be a decent offensive producer when healthy. My catcher situation is probably something I’ll need to address through trade in the near future. My only other purchase turned out to be Aaron Harang, who has notched three quality starts in his last four outings and is scheduled to pitch against the Padres this week at spacious Petco Park.


0 #1 Todd Zola 2012-05-14 15:43
My version of Brian's Herrera bid was a pre-emptive bid on Josh Bell in Arizona. Tout has an interesting rule that minor leaguers can be bid on (minumum $1, not $0) but like all other FAABed players, they must be active in the lineup this week.

I have had a hole at 3B all season, waiting for either Brett Wallace or Jimmy Paredes to come up but with Chris Johnson raking, neither is imminent. Bell is raking in AAA and with Cody Ransom and Ryan Roberts manning the hot corner in Arizona, there is a chance Bell can get the call. All it cost me is nominal FAAB and a week of "zeroes", but I would have had Miguel Cairo instead so if I lose, it will not be because of this dead spot this week, I can think of 22 others reasons. :cry:

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