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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017


Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well as the runner-up bids. There are three LABR leagues, a 12-team AL only, 13-team NL only and 15-team Mixed League. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo. 

Tout Wars uses a modified Vickrey system to award bids. For a complete description of the Vickrey system, click HERE for the Tout Wars constitution.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this is a bid tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.




ACobb, TB 34 (31) Liss 30 Berry 23 Erickson 13 Siano 12 Schechter 11 Wolf/Colton
8 Leibowitz 7 Behrens
YGomes, Tor 23 (12) Siano 11 Wolf/Colton 5 Erickson 3 Shandler 3 Schechter 2 Behrens
WMyers, KC 5 Berry 4 Liss
NAdcock, KC 3 Erickson
RThompson, TB 2 Erickson 2 Collette 0 Berry
BHall, Bal 1 Collette 0 Erickson
JOdorizzi, KC 1 Siano
AGonzalez, Tex 1 Michaels
ACrow, KC 1 Behrens 0 Leibowitz
DODay, Bal 0 Leibowitz 0 Siano
BWilson, LAA 0 Shandler


ARosales, Oak 0 Erickson
BLogan, NYY 0 Siano
CStewart, NYY 0 Shandler
JFrasor, Tor 0 Leibowitz
KCalhoun, LAA 1 Erickson
LMarson, Cle 0 Shandler
MLowe, Tex 0 Leibowitz
NJones, CWS 0 Siano
OHudson, FA 5 Siano

Rob Leibowitz Commentary

Alex Cobb took the most action this week including bids sizeable enough that some believe that righty may stick in the rotation for more than just Jeff Niemann's month to month and a half or so DL-stay. Cobb had a nice 9-start audition last year with the Rays showing some bat missing and control skills. Cobb is no ace,  but has a deep enough repertoire where in another organization he might already be a mainstay of the rotation. I think he has enough stuff, though no one true great pitch to make him more than a 4th or 5th starter. I made an $8 bid on him with the idea that he was a short term stay option and a possible Danny Duffy replacement.

Yan Gomes attracted several bids too. The former catcher has never really put up big numbers prior to this season at Las Vegas. A very aggressive hitter, Gomes has never demonstrated more than mid-teens top per season homerun potential. I guess the attracting here was a possible improvement over most $1 catchers, which I can agree with, but I am not a believe he will last long with the Jays and that other players in their organization are better options.




MAdams, StL 68 (57) Ravitz 56 Gianella 53 Carty 53 Walton 31 Melnick 27 Kreutzer
16 Peterson 16 Hertz 6 Gardner
AAmarista, SD 29 (17) Melnick 16 Gianella 15 Cockcroft 9 Kreutzer 7 Pianowski 3 Hertz
3 Ravitz 2 Walton 2 Carty
AKennedy, LAD 12 Zola 12 Pianowski 4 Kreutzer 3 Gianella 3 Ravitz 2 Carty
2 Hertz
CCoghlan, Fla 29 (10) Melnick 7 Zola 4 Kreutzer 4 Hertz 1 Gianella
MStutes, Phi 11 (10) Zola
EStults, SD 8 Pianowski 3 Carty 1 Peterson 1 Walton
JArredondo, Cin 8 Kreutzer 4 Gardner 4 Melnick 1 Walton 1 Hertz
TWood, ChC 6 Walton 5 Hertz
JHefner, NYM 4 Hertz 1 Peterson 1 Carty
BPetersen, Fla 4 Kreutzer 3 Walton 0 Hertz
SRobinson, StL 2 Carty 1 Gianella
JSellers, LAD 2 Kreutzer 0 Carty 0 Zola
FMartinez, Hou 1 Ravitz
BHayes, Fla 1 Kreutzer
KHill, ChC 0 Peterson 0 Kreutzer
YNavarro, Pit 0 Carty 15 Melnick 2 Kreutzer
JGrilli, Pit 0 Carty 0 Gardner
RJohnson, ChC 0 Ravitz 0 Kreutzer 0 Pianowski
AParrino, SD 0 Gianella


BLyon, Hou 0 Zola 0 Hertz
BSchneider, Phi 0 Peterson
BTekotte, SD 1 Kreutzer
CBreslow, Ari 0 Zola
CColeman, ChC 3 Zola
CMaldonado, Was 0 Peterson
ESanchez, StL 0 Hertz
GHernandez, Pit 2 Kreutzer 1 Hertz
FSalas, StL 0 Carty
HLuna, Phi 0 Carty
IDeJesus, LAD 0 Kreutzer
JaWilson, Atl 0 Kreutzer
KLoe, Mil 0 Carty
MCairo, Cin 1 Zola
MParra, Mil 0 Carty
MRzepczynski, StL 0 Zola
MTreanor, LAD 0 Peterson
WValdez, Cin 0 Zola

Brian Walton's Commentary

With the MRI on Lance Berkman's injured right knee not scheduled until Monday, the duration of prospect Matt Adams' hold on the Cardinals' first base job remains a question mark. I think the left-handed power hitter may remain for good and bid accordingly. My $53 offer aligned with the former Slippery Rock catcher's uniform number, which oddly tied me with Derek Carty. Neither of us won, however, as Nate Ravitz' $68 was reduced to $57 (Vickrey) by Mike Gianella's $56 offer.

The release of O-Dog, Orlando Hudson, by the Padres (who has since landed with the White Sox) and the knee injury to Jason Bartlett opened up the middle infield in San Diego. While new/old shortstop Everth Cabrera was already taken in our league, second baseman Alexi Amarista drew spirited bidding from the NL Touts this week. Lenny Melnick's $29 was reduced to $17, one dollar higher than Gianella again.

If Adam Kennedy is a cat with nine lives, he has to be close to exhausting them all. Seeing playing time once again in Los Angeles after Mark Ellis went down on a play at second base this weekend meant the veteran infielder drew two $12 bids. Todd Zola edged Scott Pianowski on the standings tiebreaker.




MAdams, StL 23 Minnix 22 Zinkie 16 Heaney 6 Steinhorn 2 Singman
BRevere, Min 11 (10) Trachtman 4 Heaney 3 Van Riper 1 Minnix
TFrazier, Cin 7 Flowers 7 Van Riper 3 Zinkie 1 Zinkie 0 Heaney
RDavis, Tor 6 Schwartz 2 Zinkie
PBourjos, LAA 5 Zinkie 4 Van Riper 0 Minnix 0 Singman
FGalvis, Phi 4 Heaney
CHeisey, Cin 4 Van Riper 1 Minnix 1 Schwartz 0 Zinkie
RBarajas, Pit 3 Heaney
MSaunders, Sea 3 Van Riper 2 Zinkie 0 Minnix
YGomes, Tor 2 Singman 2 Heaney 1 Schwartz
GBlanco, SF 2 Singman 1 Heaney 0 Zinkie
DNava, Bos 1 Heaney
WBloomquist, Ari 2 Zinkie 0 Minnix
DGee, NYM 1 Van Riper
PHumber, CWS 1 Schwartz
CStammen, Was 0 Davitt
XAvery, Bal 0 Minnix 2 Van Riper 1 Heaney 0 Zinkie
WMiley, Ari 1 Schwartz 0 Zinkie


MBaxter, NYM 0 Zinkie
AKennedy, LAD 0 Zinkie
CMorton, Pit 1 Schwartz
CPennington, Oak 0 Zinkie
ECabrera, SD 5 Flowers 0 Zinkie
GKottaras, Mil 0 Heaney
HSanchez, SF 1 Heaney
JArrieta, Bal 1 Schwartz
JBenoit, Det 3 Flowers 1 Schwartz
JPacheco, Col 2 Van Riper
JSands, LAD 1 Van Riper
RAnkiel, Was 1 Schwartz
SVanSlyke, LAD 0 Zinkie
TCollins, KC 0 Davitt
TGreen, Mil 1 Van Riper
TPlouffe, Min 2 Van Riper 1 Schwartz

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

Cardinals’ top prospect Matt Adams was the big prize in this week’s Mixed Tout FAAB bidding, and Nick Minnix’s $23 bid was just enough to get the first baseman, as he edged out Fred Zinkie by a single dollar. Whether or not Lance Berkman’s knee injury is a season-ending ACL tear will be known soon, but even if Berkman returns this year, chances are he’ll be out for awhile, and Adams will have plenty of time to make an impact. The 23-year-old, the 2011 Texas League Player of the Year, was batting .340 with nine homers and 27 RBIs in 37 games for Triple-A Memphis this season, so there’s little doubt he deserves this opportunity. In a 15-team mixed league, you won’t find hitters of Adams’ caliber on the waiver wire.

Speedy Ben Revere was the second highest priced player, going to Seth Trachtman for $10, and Todd Frazier, who went to Ray Flowers for $7, came in third. While Revere is a stolen base difference maker, there’s no guarantee that he will receive everyday at-bats for the Twins, but 10 bucks is a solid investment nonetheless. Frazier has put up strong numbers since being recalled from the Minors back in April, and with Scott Rolen possibly out for the season, he was no doubt a worthy pickup.

With more than half of my season FAAB budget gone, I entered in only one bid this week, $6 for Matt Adams. I knew it wouldn’t be enough to land him, but hey, what’s the harm in trying?


0 #1 Brian Walton 2012-05-21 21:43
I should have mentioned in my NL writeup that Nate Ravitz had extra motivation to push hard for Matt Adams, as he also owns Lance Berkman.

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