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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017

The NFL’s scheduling of Thursday night games every week this season caused all of the high stakes FF leagues and many smaller leagues to have FAAB for free agents run on Wednesday nights prior to the first game of the week. In the high stakes contests they also run on what was the standard Friday nights.

This is a big plus for those of you who play in FAAB leagues that run on Friday or Saturday nights because we can at least give you a glimpse of how much was bid on players in these leagues on Wednesday. I suggest you read Ryan Carey’s Waiver Wire column on Wednesdays to get his take on what players are likely to be added.

Now remember that many of the leagues I am going to pull numbers from – whether they were online or live drafts may have been done two months ago as well as two weeks ago, so the pent up demand to replace a poor or now injured selection is magnified by how well some replacement players did in Week 1. We see this overreaction every year in the first week of bidding and likely you may not in a local league. So who went for big money this week?


1) Alfred Morris, RB, Washington Redskins

This may be one of the more classic overreactions I have seen. True Morris the 6th round pick out of Florida Atlantic college had a very nice game in the first week and has already been named the starter for this week. BUT unless Morris is the reincarnation of Terrell Davis who also played for HC Mike Shanahan, he is just as likely to take a seat on the bench and watch Evan Royster or Roy Helu or whomever is the Skins Johnnycomelately be Shanahans running back of the week. The historical pattern there is terrible (look it up if you have never owned a Redskins running back since Shanahan arrived in DC) – in fact we just refer to it as Shananagins. Anyway Morris went for the following bids this week – 971, 955, and 900 on $1000 FAAB budgets and in one league I play in, $1110 on a $1200 budget. Personally I wouldn’t bid more than two hundred if I was desperate for a running back for a Washington running back – those scars don’t heal quickly.

2) Stephen Hill, WR, New York Jets

Hill the talented rookie receiver looked sensational in hauling in two touchdown grabs from Mark Sanchez last week, and one could argue is a better target for Sanchize than Santonio Holmes. So I can see FF players who needed an additional receiver committing to Hill and as I said in response to Ryan’s question of Hill vs Kevin Ogletree this week, Hill is a much better investment as the Jets WR2 than is Ogletree the WR3 for the Cowboys. Hill went for 356, 227, 127, and 333 in leagues with a $1000 budget for the season in Week 2 bidding. Compare to

3) Kevin Ogletree, WR, Dallas Cowboys

Ogletree would have been in even more bidding wars this week had his breakout performance in the opening night game against the Giants not been before several drafts last weekend. And there is a solid reason to add Ogletree as long as you don’t think that will be even a monthly occurrence – the confidence of not only his quarterback and teammates and the Dallas coaching staff clearly cemented him as the third receiver on the team – very important when both the guys in front of him on the depth chart and on Tony Romo’s radar, Miles Austin and Dez Bryant are favorites not to be able to appear in all sixteen games in any given year. Still the problem is that you would have to be beyond desperate to actually put Ogletree into a lineup slot in games Austin and Bryant were playing (to say nothing of a healed Jason Witten). Still Ogletree went for bids far outweighing anyone not named Morris this week – 350, 561, 676, 257, 378, 287, 163, 500, 299, and 577 on $1000 budgets and on $15 on a $100 budget and 900 and 851 on $1200 budgets.

4) Andrew Hawkins, WR, Cincinnati Bengals

Hawkins, the undrafted rookie out of Toledo,  also had a coming out party in Week 1 and finally (we hope) answered the question of who would provide a badly needed target for Andy Dalton besides A.J. Green and TE Jermaine Gresham. Hawkins went for 207, 356, 612, 76, 388, 76, 201, 69, 201, and 144 on $1000 budgets, and 22 on a $100 budget and 123 on $1200 budgets.  Try as I might I could only roster Hawkins for two teams this week, one on a $123 bid and the other on waivers (with the 4th slot). When we see the results from the end of this year, I would not be surprised in the least for Hawkins to have more FF points than Ogletree or Hill.

In the few leagues where he wasn’t drafted the Packers James Jones was a hot target and the Cardinals Andre Roberts was also claimed in many leagues.

Good Hunting in your league this week.

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