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Monday 23rd Oct 2017

The first week of baseball is over and set in the record books and man, was it a fun week to watch. There were some major surprises throughout the week, including an oh-so-close perfect game thrown by Yu Darvish, multi-homer games by more than just a handful of sluggers, and the drama of the ninth inning never ceased to entertain. But the most surprising of all? Witnessing aces left right and center (or should I say west, east and north) getting absolutely destroyed by hot bats and longballs. The list includes names such as Cy Young award winner, R.A Dickey, the Rays’ go-to hurler, David Price, and strikeout phenom, Stephen Strasburg. Here’s a look at the earned run averages of some of the best pitchers in the game.

Matt Cain (SF) – 8.38
Jered Weaver (LAA) – 4.91
David Price (TB)  – 8.18
R.A. Dickey (TOR) – 8.18
Stephen Strasburg (WAS) – 4.38
C.C. Sabathia (NYY) – 3.00 (Okay, so this one doesn’t look so bad, but if you watched his opening start, you’d see why his name is included in this list….not good)
Cole Hamels (PHI) – 10.97

Putting together a combined ERA of 6.89, this is not what most of us would expect from the elites of pitching. With what seemed to be the longest spring training in history, you’d expect the all-stars to be up and ready to dominate, not to be dominated. I hope for the sake of fantasy baseball players that these aces get settled in sooner rather than later, because no one wants to be shown up by the guy who owns all third starters.  


0 #1 Lawr Michaels 2013-04-08 13:23
Shudder. I worked the Matt Cain/Cards Giants game yesterday, and the fourth inning was just torture. I think Cain allowed seven straight hits, and other than a Matt Adams GR double there were a bunch of singles.

I was not sure if Cain was tired, or tipping his pitches, but the Cards were on top of him for sure.

All I can say is I am happy none of the guys you noted are on my teams (but Matt Harrison, Chris Tillman, and Roy Halladay are).

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