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Saturday 21st Oct 2017

While there are tons of place to get rankings that are very good, the ADP (Average Draft Position) and AAV (Average Auction Values) that are reported should not be used as we have no idea how old they are or whether the league they were drafted for corresponds with what YOU need.

What I like is real draft information, and you can find some articles that will give you isolated examples. Even harder to find are real money league auction values, so I thought I would share the auction prices from a just concluded 12-team, PPR league where the starting lineups are QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/WR/TE/K/DST.

To get the most out of this information, STOP reading now and get your current rankings or cheatsheet. Then you can mark the prices next to each name and it gives you a better idea of where some drafters got value and what true market perception is regarding auction pricing.

I will give you the top 12 quarterbacks and tight ends but expand to 24 running backs and wide receivers and any other players I thought were particularly interesting. Ready?

QUARTERBACKS – I think people tend to overpay for the top quarterbacks but that is why there are 31 flavors.

Quarterbacks $
Peyton Manning 30
Drew Brees 29
Aaron Rodgers 25
Andrew Luck 24
Matthew Stafford 22
Tom Brady 18
Matt Ryan 13
Colin Kaepernick 12
Robert Griffin 9
Nick Foles 8
Cam Newton 8
Russell Wilson 4

Foles especially was a great value in this auction. There were also a few QBBC attempts that were quite good – one team getting Jay Cutler for $5 and Ben Roethlisberger for $4 which is likely better than my Carson Palmer for $4 paired with a $2 Ryan Tannehill. Funny that Tom Brady, who barely makes the top ten quarterbacks in rankings and most high stakes drafts still commands a higher price.

RUNNING BACKS – The very best are very expensive and the next group isn’t cheap, so some prices are a matter of preferred team composition.

Running Backs $
Jamaal Charles 55
LeSean McCoy 55
Matt Forte 50
Adrian Peterson 50
Eddie Lacy 46
DeMarco Murray 37
Montee Ball 35
Giovani Bernard 35
Le'Veon Bell 34
Marshawn Lynch 34
Andre Ellington 30
Rashad Jennings 27
C.J. Spiller 26
Doug Martin 26
Zac Stacy 26
Arian Foster 24
Toby Gerhart 23
Reggie Bush 22
Alfred Morris 21
Shane Vereen 19
Joique Bell 17
Ryan Mathews 15
Ray Rice 15
Lamar Miller 13

Prices seem normal although I must credit one of my opponents who nominated Dri Archer for a dollar early in the draft and got him for that price before the cloud of news was out about Bell and Blount.

WIDE RECEIVERS – Yes, in PPR leagues the very best cost as much as the top running backs and the mid prices extend longer in leagues where you start three (or more). I added a few extra names you might be interested in.

Wide Receivers $
Calvin Johnson 54
Demaryius Thomas 52
Dez Bryant 47
A.J. Green 47
Brandon Marshall 45
Jordy Nelson 44
Julio Jones 41
Antonio Brown 40
Randall Cobb 32
Alshon Jeffery 31
Keenan Allen 29
Cordarrelle Patterson 25
Andre Johnson 24
Vincent Jackson 24
Roddy White 23
T.Y. Hilton 22
Emmanuel Sanders 22
Pierre Garcon 21
Victor Cruz 20
Julian Edelman 20
Larry Fitzgerald 18
DeSean Jackson 17
Wes Welker 17
Michael Floyd 16
Percy Harvin 16
Brandin Cooks 16
Kendall Wright 15
Mike Wallace 10

The interesting thing to me was a change also seen in some drafts now with Saints rookie wideout Brandin Cooks having more market value than the Bills’ Sammy Watkins, who went for just $4. 

TIGHT ENDS – This is where there is even more of a market split – especially after the top four were off the board.

Tight Ends $
Jimmy Graham 46
Julius Thomas 27
Rob Gronkowski 24
Jordan Cameron 17
Jordan Reed 9
Jason Witten 9
Kyle Rudolph 9
Dennis Pitta 9
Greg Olsen 9
Vernon Davis 9
Charles Clay 6
Martellus Bennett 5

Remember that “sleepers” is really a term that shouldn’t be used with so much information available on the internet, but in case you thought they were much cheaper, Zach Ertz went for $3, Travis Kelce went for $4 and Ladarius Green also escaped dollar days at $2.

Hope this helps whet your auction appetite. If there are specific players not mentioned, you can ask below or in the Forums.


0 #4 danny gallagher 2014-08-24 17:58
Agreed. I definitely expect some regression. But Rivers has only finished outside the top 10 QBs once in the past 7 seasons, and I can't see Reich turning that offense on its head from last season.

I backed him up with Roethlisberger giving me what I hope is the strongest QB tandem in our 16 team league.

Thanks for the feedback guys.
0 #3 Todd Zola 2014-08-24 17:00
Here's my pet peeve with fantasy football rankings. Rivers is being downgraded but yet Keenan Allen is a borderline WR1, the Chargers have 2 TEs that are considered fantasy relevant and Malcolm Floyd is the talk of the SD camp. Who's throwing all these guys the ball, Dan Fouts? Either the receivers aren't this good or Rivers is being unfairly pushed down (my vote is the latter).
0 #2 Perry Van Hook 2014-08-24 16:35
Thanks. There is no love for Rivers this year with Whisenhunt gone which is why you got him so late in your draft and why he went for $3 in this auction. Good cheap players for backup or QBBC and then if he is doing well again just play him.
0 #1 danny gallagher 2014-08-24 15:48
Good article Perry. As you pointed out it's hard to find these values for this format. I'm curious what Philip Rivers went for after his solid season last year.

I recently nabbed him as the 15th QB off the board in a 16-team points league with the same roster format.

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