After eight weeks, I find myself still searching for the winning formula in DFS. I seem to have a knack of missing guys by a week. What do you do when you believe you are on the right guys in the right match-ups and it still does not work?

You study some more and try to hone your analysis. Start to look closer at the players that keep posting the points. Get over the fact that Cam Newton has no wide receivers. Somehow they produce enough. Add in his rushing ability and Cam is a fully viable DFS option.

I have gone through, player by player, option by option, and feel like the players on my list have been producing. Maybe this week is the week?

Lesson learned for the week – be open-minded about the guys that score the points.

Tom Brady NE 8500 Very expensive, but Pats are likely to pile up points
Drew Brees NO 7200 Last week was a perfect storm, follows with a weak Tenn team
Eli Manning NYG 6900 Similar to Brees last week with a soft follow-up
Philip Rivers SD 6900 Will keep throwing with or without Keenan Allen
Cam Newton Car 6900 Putting up high level points with no receivers
Ben Roethlisberger Pit 6600 Last week was to get the rust off. This week is for points
Derek Carr Oak 5500 Turning into an elite NFL quarterback
Tyrod Taylor Buf 5300 Don’t forget how productive he was before the injury
Jameis Winston TB 5200 High-risk, high-reward, low-price. Playing a team that plays no defense
Devonta Freeman Atl 8000 Another strong week, but without the touchdown
Todd Gurley StL 6900 Still a bargain up $600. Playing at a level worth $8000
Mark Ingram NO 6500 TD vulture is gone
Dion Lewis NE 6400 Still a main cog in Patriots offense
DeAngelo Williams Pit 5500 Was solid early-season surprise. Owns the job again
Lamar Miller Mia 5000 Dolphins will keep him heavily invoived
Danny Woodhead SD 4800 Chargers hurting for healthy bodies. Woodhead going to see more touches
LeGarrette Blount NE 4800 There seems to be enough footballs to go around in New England
Ronnie Hillman Den 4600 Broncos showed a strong running game lead by Hillman last week
Darren McFadden Dal 4300 Very cheap for guy with clear job and high volume (until he gets hurt)
Jonathan Stewart Car 4300 Getting no respect at this low price off three strong games
Jeremy Langford Chi 4000 Should see volume on Monday thrust into starting role
Chris Thompson Was 3300 Shortage of usable backs this week with all the byes and injuries
Julio Jones Atl 9300 Hard to pony up that much, but he posts elite numbers
Odell Beckham Jr. NYG 8800 Ability to post big numbers every week
Antonio Brown Pit 8100 Consider last week a pre-season game. Ready for a return to elite status
Brandon Marshall NYJ 7600 Continues to produce at top level
Mike Evans TB 6800 Confused over the poor production last week. He is the only game in town
Alshon Jeffery Chi 6700 Still under-priced and facing a porous defense
Amari Cooper Oak 6700 Looks like AFC Rookie of the Year so far
Allen Robinson Jax 6400 Strong combo with Hurns. There is no third option in Jax
Brandin Cooks NO 5800 Not seeing the expected targets but starting to post better numbers
Eric Decker NYJ 5300 Stays cheap and continues consistent production
Allen Hurns Jax 5300 Not earning a price that is commensurate with his production
Stefon Diggs Min 5300 There are still doubters. Certainly the "out of nowhere surprise of 2015"
Michael Crabtree Oak 4900 Veteran finally living up to past hype
Willie Snead NO 4800 Made up for poor Week 7 with outstanding Week 8
Steve Johnson SD 3200 Someone will catch the passes from Rivers
Greg Olsen Car 6500 Best receiver on Carolina
Martellus Bennett Chi 4900 High volume at a reasonable price
Antonio Gates SD 4700 Played through knee injury. Assume he plays again
Jordan Reed Was 4500 Elite tight end while he is on the field. Early injury always a risk with Reed
Charles Clay Buf 4200 Another revenge game against former team
Ben Watson NO 4000 Does not have to do much to earn his low price - again
Vernon Davis SF 2800 What does Denver know that the rest of us have missed?
Austin Seferian-Jenkins TB 2800 Was close last week. Almost must-start at this price if he comes back
Rams StL 3500 Posting strong numbers week after week
Falcons Atl 3400 Tough to trust, but another great match-up
Patriots NE 3300 Should blow out the Redskins
Jets NYJ 3100 Disappointing showing last week
Broncos Den 3000 Look what they did to Aaron Rodgers last week


Cam Newton QB Car 6900
Devonta Freeman RB Atl 8000
Todd Gurley RB StL 6900
Michael Crabtree WR Oak 4900
Stevie Johnson WR SD 3200
Antonio Brown WR Pit 8100
Jeremy Langford FL Chi 4000
Jordan Reed TE Was 4500
Broncos DST Den 3000