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Written by Daniel Finch   
Wednesday, 25 November 2015 10:33

161x314_fantasyscore_basketballMastersball is excited to now be supporting NBA DFS, where you can indeed play against me at FantasyScore.

Alright folks, one day until you loosen your belts and tuck into some turkey. Before you sink into a food coma and spend all day watching the NFL, let's take a moment to look at tonight's very full slate of NBA games.

Can't Miss

Russell Westbrook ($9900): This is one of the more obvious picks of all time. My only worry is that Russ won't have enough time to really pour on the points in what promises to be an easy matchup against the Nets.

Kawhi Leonard ($8000): Leonard has truly turned into a superstar this season, and in this all-Texas showdown, I expect all of that to show. Dallas is on the tail end of a back-to-back and Leonard has scored more than 20 points in seven out of his last ten games.

Kevin Love ($7900): I am loving the production and focus on Love so far this season. The former Minnesota man has shown why the Cavs were willing to trade so much for him. Against a Raptors team that still hasn't figured out how to consistently defend, Love should have a field day.

High Risk

Willie Cauley-Stein ($4400): The former Kentucky standout has had an up and down start this season. With a matchup against the struggling Bucks, Cauley-Stein will have plenty of opportunities to showcase his obvious talents. He's one of those players I would only suggest if you are trying to rely heavily on some of the most costly players as I haven't seen enough consistency out of the big man to put him in many of my lineups.

T.J. Warren ($3000): Warren isn't a versatile player that stuffs the stat sheet, but the former NCST man can score. The Suns face off against the Pelicans in a game that promises points, so if you need a cheap option to score some fantasy points, Warren's your guy, with potentially bigger upside with the easy matchup.


There are plenty of role players I like tonight, especially given their FantasyScore salaries, so I will keep their explanations short.

Kristaps Porzingis ($4600): Can you find a better deal for a player averaging 30 fantasy points per game? Porzingis has taken flgiht recently and look for that trend to continue.

Jahlil Okafor ($5800): $600 less than Nerlens Noel for a player averaging six more fantasy points per game. Going up against the Celtics on a back-to-back, Okafor is a solid cheaper option at center.

Jeff Teague ($6000): Teague has continued his impressive play from last season and continues to lead the Hawks potent attack. A matchup with the Timberwolves, even on the tail end of a back-to-back, is nothing to scoff at.

Evan Fournier ($4900): One of the many underpriced overperformers this season. The Knicks, despite their improvement, aren't a defensive powerhouse, so look for the overperforming to continue.

Marcus Morris ($4800): Somehow $200 less than his twin, Marcus is having a remarkably steady season. I have relied on the regularity of the Detroit forward's production on many occassions and will continue to do so tonight.

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FantasyScore NBA Picks for 11/24/15 (Daniel) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Daniel Finch   
Tuesday, 24 November 2015 13:58


Mastersball is excited to now be supporting NBA DFS, where you can indeed play against me at FantasyScore.

We're back for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving picks to help you all win a bit of money before spending quality time stuffing your faces with the relatives. The Warriors are looking to continue rewriting history books and everyone else is looking to keep up.

Can't Miss

Blake Griffin ($9200): Facing the Nuggets is a dream for any frontcourt player, much less one with the ability of Blake Griffin. Griffin has continued his trend towards ultimate superstar, and if it wasn't for that pesky Stephen Curry, he would probably be getting noticed more. Use a big money slot of Blake tonight and reap the rewards.

Marc Gasol ($7400): The Grizz aren't scaring anyone these days, but that doesn't mean Gasol isn't still a top player. The Spaniard seems to have taken to trying to single-handedly win games for Memphis and going up against the less than stellar Mavericks big men, Gasol will get his.

High Risk

Shaun Livingston ($3000): Please raise your hard if you believe the Lakers have a chance tonight. Didn't think so. The Warriors should roll and leave plenty of time for the bench players to see extended action. If you're in a pinch, Livingston could be your guy.

Otto Porter ($4000): Porter has played well this season, and is a steal at $4000. The over/under line for the game is 205.5 and I would hedge my bets towards the over line. Having said all that, I see Porter having a big game if he isn't hampered by having to guard Paul George too much.


Julius Randle ($4500): Normally a steal at this price, the matchup leades to some concerns. However, I still like the value too much to pass up on and definitely think that Randle should be started every night at this price.

Deron Williams ($6000): Sitting well below the $8500 threshold of the higher rated guards, Williams has value as a solid #2 guard. While not his Utah Jazz self, the former All-Star is having a nice year in Dallas. After the recent stretch where Williams has scored over 20 twice, I have no issues using him tonight.

That's all for tonight's slate of games. Best of luck!

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FantasyScore DFS Picks for NFL Week 11 (Daniel) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Daniel Finch   
Friday, 20 November 2015 00:00


Since I have started writing for Mastersball, I have been giving you readers picks based off who I like to have a big game. The issue with that basic premise is that I have given no strategical backing to go along with my picks. Picking a player to succeed against a certain defense is all fine and well and if 75% of my picks are successful, then you should all benefit. However, there are certain ways of attacking these daily fantasy games and I am taking this chance to reformat my article early in the week.

For starters, I will now group players into categories. These categories will be:

Can't Miss (usually high-priced players that need to be on your team that week)

High Risk (low $ value players with a high ceiling based on the matchup)

Fillers (middle of the road in terms of value and steady production with the possibility of a breakout game)

When putting together a successful DFS team, these three components must all click if you are to win. However, it is possible to still win money on a week to week basis if you build your teams correctly. Remember that to win, you must get good production from the players that others haven't put on their team, those players in the 1-10% owned range.

So here we go with Week 11:

Can't Miss

Todd Gurley ($8200): Going up against the Ravens, the best rookie RB in the league will have a field day. With St. Louis looking to Case Keenum ($4500), Gurley should see plenty of action.

Rob Gronkowski ($8200): Gronk has really cooled off as of late. However, a divisional game without Julian Edelman available will allow the best TE in the league to produce in bunches.

Matt Ryan ($7500): Going up against the soft Colts defense and coming off a bye week, Matty Ice is a solid choice for a big afternoon filled with yards and touchdowns.

High Risk

Mark Sanchez ($6000): Sanchez will definitely get the nod from me in a couple leagues. Last season saw Sanchez flourish in Chip Kelly's offense. This week, going up against the Bucs for his first start of the year should lead to a solid afternoon.

Latavius Murray ($6000): The Raiders RB has had a solid second NFL season and faces off against a vulnerable Lions defense this week.

John Brown ($2400): Going up against the solid Bengals defense, this is a tough matchup for the WR. However, recently Smoky has been superb and with more attention being paid to Larry Fitzgerald ($7900) and Michael Floyd ($6600), Brown should have plenty of opportunities.


Steve Johnson ($5800): The Chargers are lacking in options for quarterback Phillip Rivers ($7700) and Johnson slots in as the top target man. Even if the former Bill doesn't bust out for big points, a solid showing is expected.

Jonathan Stewart ($5600): Nothing sexy about this pick, but facing the Redskins, there will be plenty of running room and Stewart has shown a lot of consistency recently.

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FantasyScore NBA Picks for 11/18/15 (Daniel) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Daniel Finch   
Wednesday, 18 November 2015 12:57

161x314_fantasyscore_basketballMastersball is excited to now be supporting NBA DFS, where you can indeed play against me at FantasyScore.

I have decided to go with a new look format for all of my daily fantasy picks. After reformatting my NFL picks, I am attacking the way I give NBA advice as well. I will divide players into categories based on price, risk, value, and production.

Can't Miss: High priced players owned by many but needed on your team.

High Risk: Players that are lower priced, and with the right matchup have the ability to make your team. These are the players that win you leagues and tournaments.

Fillers: Your steady players to fill out your roster. Nothing flashy but with middle of the road dollar values, these players are necessary to complete a winning roster.

So, let's take a look at today's games:

Can't Miss

Damian Lillard ($8000): Lillard and the Trailblazers have gotten off to a better start than anyone expected. The ultra-talented PG is averaging 42.1 fantasy points per game and gets to face off against a Rockets team in turmoil fresh off a head coaching change.

Paul George ($8500): Anyone who tells you that George isn't still a bonafide superstar in this league is crazy. Just a year after a very serious leg injury, George is dominant once again. With a game against the 76ers on the books this evening, George should prove his worth.

Brook Lopez ($8400): Both the Nets and Hornets are coming into the second game of a back-to-back so the fatigue isssue is null and void. Right now, Brooklyn is the worst team in the NBA by a fair amount, and their only good player is Lopez. Look for his typically strong offensive season to continue.

High Risk

Isaiah Smith ($5900) and Avery Bradley ($4200): I will double up on this one, as I am still not sold on the Mavericks solid start to the season. Smith has been an absolute revelation, averaging 34.8 fantasy points per game so far, and Bradley has added a a good level of scoring to his tenacious D. I like Bradley more for his price and because I doubt too many people will be using him.

Jerami Grant ($3000): Averaging over 20 minutes per game, Grant has been a solid if not spectactular option for DFS players this season. However, with a matchup against the not so sturdy Pacers defense, Grant has a chance to really have a breakout game and win you some money.


Al Horford ($6800): What a great value for the best player on the Hawks. With a very easy matchup against the Kings this evening, Horford will find easy ways to score and rack up fantasy points for much less of a dollar value than other big named centers.

Kemba Walker ($6500): Kemba is coming off his most impressive game of the season against the Knicks and gets an even easier opponent this evening when he faces the Nets. $6500 is a steal and should leave plenty of room for others on your roster.

Tobias Harris ($5500): Harris has justified his offseason contract and gets a chance to help you out big time going up against the youngsters on the Timberwolves.

Ryan Anderson ($4700): Great value here as Anderson will have to step up big once again with Anthony Davis injured.

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FantasyScore DFS Picks for NFL Week 10 (Daniel) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Daniel Finch   
Sunday, 15 November 2015 08:43

With the attacks on Paris this week, fantasy sports, and sports in general, have taken a back seat in my mind. I have many friends living in Paris and have been lucky that none of them have been harmed by the tragic attacks. Not two months ago, I lived just down the street from one of the attack sites and have been blessed to have not been there at the wrong time. But now without further delay, I shall make my picks for this week's slate of NFL games.

My starting QB will be Aaron Rodgers ($8800), who is coming off two consecutive losses and is looking to scorch the earth this week. Rodgers has had huge success against the Lions in the past and this Lions team is weak at best. Look for an absolutely monster game and for the Packers to get back on track. If Rodgers is out of your price range, look no further than Blake Bortles ($7400), against an inept Ravens secondary, to continue what has been a very strong second season.

I basically like everyone in the Patriots vs. Giants game this week as I feel we could see almost a repeat of that historic Giants vs. Saints game from a couple of weeks ago. Having said that, my start of the week at RB is LeGarrette Blount ($6400). Without Dion Lewis hogging snaps, Blount could easily go off for a couple TDs and a bunch of yards. Best of luck this week and keep Paris in your prayers.

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