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Monday, 11 June 2012 00:35


Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well as the runner-up bids. There are three LABR leagues, a 12-team AL only, 13-team NL only and 15-team Mixed League. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

Tout Wars uses a modified Vickrey system to award bids. For a complete description of the Vickrey system, click HERE for the Tout Wars constitution.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this is a bid tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.




CParmelee, Min 6 Wolf/Colton 6 Leibowitz 3 Behrens 0 Erickson
NAdcock, KC 4 Michaels
THunter, Bal 2 Wolf/Colton 0 Shandler
JorDanks, CWS 2 Liss 0 Erickson
HConger, LAA 1 Shandler 0 Erickson 0 Wolf/Colton 0 Leibowitz
VPadilla, Bos 1 Michaels
JCrain, CWS 1 Schechter
SDoolittle, Oak 1 Erickson 1 Collette
CWade, NYY 1 Collette 0 Erickson
WRhymes, TB 1 Behrens
JBurton, Min 0 Shandler
MMaier, KC 0 Leibowitz
BMoss, Oak 0 Erickson 1 Wolf/Colton


TScheppers, Tex 0 Erickson
MMelancon, Bos 1 Wolf/Colton
AMiller, Bos 0 Erickson
BBadenhop, TB 0 Erickson
CRamos, TB 0 Shandler
DMastroianni, Min 0 Erickson
EScribner, Oak 1 Michaels
JHester, LAA 0 Shandler
JMolina, TB 0 Shandler
LMarson, Cle 0 Shandler
LPerez, Tor 0 Erickson
SAtchison, Bos 0 Erickson

Todd Zola's Commentary

I'm pinch-hitting for Rob today. Chris Parmelee was on a lot of sleeper lists in the spring as the tenuous situations of both Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau paved the way for Parmelee to pick up some playing time at first. His first go-round resulted in a demotion to Triple-A Rochester, but after 1.208 OPS on the farm, the Twins' youngster is back for another shot. Target Field will depress his power, but at this point of the season, anytime you can acquire a player that will accrue neat full-time at bats, you take the chance, like the dynamic duo of Colton and the Wolfman did.

Something that caught my eye was what I consider curious bidding on Hank Conger, called up to help fill in for Chris Iannetta. Maybe it is just an artifact of my 2011 man-crush on Conger, but I am surprised the bidding was not higher. I realize Conger is a short-term fix, but if the young receiver were to hit, he could stick with Bobby Wilson losing his backup spot. I just feel it would have been a shot worth taking for those in need of a catcher. Ron Shandler is now covered regardless as he owns the entire Halos' receiving troika.

Something else I find extremely interesting is the FAAB totals for the AL Tout Warriors. Here they are:

Jason Collette 92
Rob Leibowitz 73
Steve Moyer 69
Larry Schechter 67
Ron Shandler 65
Andy Behrens 60
Matthew Berry 44
Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 43
Lawr Michaels 42
Mike Siano 40
Chris Liss 29
Jeff Erickson 8

Usually, there are multiple teams vying for the top spot in the hopes there is an impact deadline deal that sends an NL player over the AL. I wonder if the addition of the second wild card has caused concern that fewer teams will be sellers, decreasing the chance a top player comes over. Or maybe, injuries are much more prevalent so they can't afford to fold onto their FAAB. Either way, Jason Collette is in the interesting position of being able to bit a pretty healthy amount, especially with Vickrey, and still retain the top spot. That said, the trading of FAAB is allowed in Tout Wars, as is the ability to reclaim FAAB if you have a player purchased at the auction on the DL. I have a feeling that if there are some crossovers, we'll see some interesting deals involving FAAB. Keep in mind that FAAB acquired in a trade is not eligible to be used until the following transaction period, so all the owners will know what they are up against. The previous week, however, is where clandestine deals can be consummated, and I, as the league SWAT, will be asked not to announce some deals until the last possible instance and still have the transaction be valid that week. This is all part of the gamesmanship that goes on in a league such as Tout Wars.




APresley, Pit 60 (54) Gianella 53 Carty 38 Pianowski 31 Cockcroft 19 Ravitz 18 Peterson
18 Kreutzer 9 Gardner 5 Wilderman 4 Walton
MFontenot, Phi 15 (10) Pianowski 8 Cockcroft 3 Ravitz 2 Walton 1 Wilderman 1 Kreutzer
1 Gianella
MCorpas, ChC 7 Pianowski 1 Peterson 0 Kreutzer
JKelly, StL 4 Walton
CMaldonado, Was 3 Pianowski
ROhlendorf, SD 2 Peterson 1 Pianowski 0 Zola
FSalas, StL 0 Cockcroft 0 Hertz
TGorzelanny, Was 0 Zola 0 Walton 0 Hertz
AChambers, StL 0 Wilderman 2 Pianowski
RBelisario, LAD 0 Hertz
DSolano, Fla 0 Kreutzer
MGonzalez, Was 0 Kreutzer 0 Zola
RBrothers, Col 0 Gianella 0 Cockcroft
MMaldonado, Mil 0 Peterson 0 Walton 0 Carty
MKotsay, SD 0 Walton 0 Wilderman


BLyon, Hou 4 Pianowski
MCairo, Cin 2 Pianowski
JGiambi, Col 2 Pianowski
AOttavino, Col 0 Walton 0 Kreutzer
DCarpenter, Hou 0 Zola
DSlaten, Pit 0 Zola
JHoover, Cin 0 Zola
MTreanor, LAD 0 Peterson 0 Pianowski
RChoate, Fla 0 Zola
VMarte, StL 0 Zola

Brian Walton's Commentary

Coming off a 2011 debut during which he drove in 20 and stole nine bases in 215 at-bats for the Pirates, Alex Presley fetched a $14 winning bid on draft day from ESPN's Nate Ravitz. Last year's success did not initially carry over to 2012, however. Batting just .220 on May 15, the outfielder was returned to Triple-A. With only four reserve spots in Tout, Ravitz cut his ties with Presley. Back to the bigs this week, Presley drew 10 bids, including $19 from his previous owner. It wasn't nearly enough as Mike Gianella's $54 ($60 Vickrey) edged Derek Carty's $53 offer. Last week, Presley could have been had for just $1, but who knew he'd be called up?

The back injury suffered by Philadelphia's Freddy Galvis and the continual question marks that dog Chase Utley turned Mike Fontenot from unwanted last week to a hot commodity this Sunday night. The former Cubs and Giants' second sacker attracted seven bids. Six were single-digit offers, with the winner being Scott Pianowski at $10 ($15 Vickrey).

Losing Jaime Garcia for up to two months with a shoulder problem meant my already-underachieving staff needed someone else. I went for the left-hander's replacement. Joe Kelly had passed top prospect Shelby Miller in the Cardinals pecking order and in his Sunday MLB debut, Kelly allowed just one run over five innings. I figured that performance would interest some of my competitors, but my $4 bid surprisingly stood alone.




APresley, Pit 52 (13) Schwartz 12 Zinkie 7 Steinhorn 1 Singman 0 Minnix
GSanchez, Fla 12 (10) Zinkie 5 Steinhorn 1 Minnix
TPlouffe, Min 13 (10) Mack 2 Schwartz 1 Van Riper 0 Heaney 0 Gonos 0 Minnix
RCook, Oak 7 Van Riper 5 Heaney 1 Zinkie
HAlvarez, Tor 4 Van Riper 0 Zinkie
HConger, LAA 3 Mack 0 Singman
WMyers, KC 2 Singman
PBourjos, LAA 2 Van Riper
JHairston, LAD 2 Gonos
JBenoit, Det 1 Steinhorn
TColvin, Col 1 Heaney
BZito, SF 1 Trachtman 0 Heaney 0 Zinkie
GParra, Ari 1 Van Riper 1 Zinkie
DHernandez, Ari 0 Heaney
MMaldonado, Mil 0 Singman
DMatsuzaka, Bos 0 Minnix 1 Van Riper 0 Heaney
EChavez, Bal 0 Minnix
RTheriot, SF 0 Minnix 0 Zinkie
HNoesi, Sea 0 Zinkie 0 Minnix
JThome, Phi 0 Zinkie


EHerrera, LAD 2 Gonos
MCorpas, ChC 1 Van Riper
JBlanton, Phi 1 Van Riper
JMaxwell, Hou 1 Van Riper
GHolland, KC 1 Van Riper 0 Heaney
BVillarreal, Det 0 Heaney
CSnyder, Hou 0 Mack
CYoung, NYM 0 Heaney
DHutchison, Tor 0 Zinkie 0 Minnix
DLowe, Cle 0 Heaney
GLaird, Det 0 Mack
JBaker, ChC 0 Minnix
KKendrick, Phi 0 Zinkie
MOlivo, Sea 0 Mack
NJones, CWS 0 Heaney
SDoolittle, Oak 0 Heaney
SHairston, NYM 0 Heaney

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

I think it’s safe to say that Cory Schwartz is a big Alex Presley fan. Presley, who was banished to the minors after a dreadful start to the season but recalled early last week, received a $52 bid from Schwartz, dwarfing Fred Zinkie’s second place bid of $12. Tout uses Vickrey bidding for bids exceeding $10, however, so Cory was only forced to shell out $13 for the Pirates’ outfielder. In six games since getting recalled, Presley is 8-for-27 (.296 AVG) with a homer and three steals, so Schwartz’s enthusiasm is certainly understandable.

First baseman Gaby Sanchez, another player who is fresh off a stint in the minors after starting the year in the big leagues, garnered the second highest bid and went to Fred Zinkie for the Vickrey adjusted price of $10. Even though he has yet to fully live up to expectations, Sanchez has still been a mixed league worthy player over the past few years and without question deserved a spot on a Tout roster.

I put in bids for both of these guys, but with less than half of my season FAAB budget remaining, I had to limit myself. I did scoop up Joaquin Benoit to serve as my new non-closer reliever but ERA/WHIP/K rate helper, figuring that he’s an upgrade over the disappointing Jonny Venters. All in all, what could have been a busy FAAB week for me turned out to be a rather quiet one.

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How to Screw Up an FF Draft PDF Print E-mail
Written by Perry Van Hook   
Tuesday, 05 June 2012 16:43

If you read my Mastersblog post from Sunday evening, I listed the first round picks and my team from a twelve team, PPR, fifteen round draft hosted by Rotowire on Here are a couple of the worst offenders – things you will avoid:

1) Signing up but not showing up – how much good can it do you to just have your name there? On the other hand, you can screw the draft up for those who really want to practice.

2) Not knowing the scoring system or starting lineup requirements for the intended mock draft. Again aside from drafting a bad team for yourself, you are short changing those who want to learn or practice.

3) That would also include not knowing what teams players are with for the upcoming season.

All of these things are why websites and magazines shouldn’t use the term “Expert Leagues” or “Expert Mock Drafts” because some of the participants are clearly less than expert. Call them Industry Drafts and it will still let everyone know that these are drafters from websites or newsletters or blogs or whatever.

Here are a few follow up numbers and observations from Sunday’s draft.

Three teams took quarterbacks in the first round. While I have no problem with someone taking Aaron Rodgers in the back half of the first round I don’t see the ability to draft a strong team if you start with other quarterbacks with your first pick.

Only two teams took a tight end in the first two rounds – Jimmy Graham at 1.10 and Rob Gronkowski at 2.07. The rest of the teams waited until the very end of the fifth round (Witten), with four more off in the sixth round (Hernandez, Finley, Gates, and Davis) and one in the seventh round (Tamme). That leaves four teams that showed either they have no clue how important the better tight ends are in PPR leagues or they believe that you can wait and find a gem. Not true especially when three of the drafters took their second TE before some teams had one. CLUE – you can Flex a second TE.

There was one team that waited past round seven to get their first quarterback – not a good strategy when several others have already grabbed an alternate or backup. I doubt you are winning your fantasy league in 2012 with Ryan Fitzpatrick as your QB.

*When I stated in the opening about “certain conditions” you should only be doing serious mocking for your important leagues when the scoring system and starting lineup requirements and number of roster spots are exactly the same as the league you are practicing for. And only when you have ALL live drafters who are there for the whole draft. Otherwise it’s just mocksturbation.

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LABR FAAB Report: Week of June 4 PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 04 June 2012 13:43


Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well a the runner-up bids. There are three LABR leagues, a 12-team AL only, 13-team NL only and 15-team Mixed League. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.




TOLLESON, STEVEN 3 Jason Col 2 USAT 1 Perry
PEARCE, STEVEN 3 RW - Liss 2 USAT 1 Perry
O'DAY, DARREN 2 RW - Liss 1 Nate Ravi
MAZZARO, VIN 1 Full Moon
JONES, NATE 1 Perry 1 Nate Ravi
MCGEE, JAKE 1 Nate Ravi 1 NFBC


PUNTO, NICK 3 Nate Ravi
UEHARA, KOJI 1 Perry 1 Nate Ravi

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

Well, I had two holes to fill this morning with Andy Dirks on the DL and Nathan Adcock sent to the minors – that would have been more interesting if there were some good players to bid on but the wire had bodies but not much interest this week. Or so I thought. I made one dollar bids on several decent relievers to fill my slot as there were no SP – topping Nate Jones, Koji Uehara, and Hector Santiago with a four dollar bid for the Mariners’ Stephen Pryor. Well Nick Minnix, KFFL also bid four and Chris Liss, Rotowire bid five but we were all short of USA Today’s Steve Gardner who put a nine spot on the hard throwing Pryor. That said I don’t see him getting very many save chances for a manager who said we brought him up out of necessity not to reward him for his pitching this year. Still relievers who throw 100 mph tend to grow on managers. Nate Jones who I landed also throws hard and if it weren’t for Addison Reed being a year ahead of him on the White Sox pecking order might have gotten some opportunities. I needed any hitter to take Dirks' UT spot and just tried a buck each for Steve Pearce, BAL; Steven Tolleson, another Oriole, and Jayson Nix, NYY who I won. Anyone bidding six dollars to get Nick Punto qualifies as desperate - but Gardner was replacing a hole on his roster and he did have to bid four to land the Boston middle infielder.




SIMMONS, ANDRELTON 26 RotoWire 21 Tristan 12 BHQ 9 BP Carty 5 USAT 1 Greg Ambr
1 Full Moon
CASTELLANOS, ALEX 21 Tristan 7 lawr mich 7 Full Moon 4 RotoWire 1 BHQ 1 BP Carty
DESCALSO, DANIEL 6 USAT 4 BHQ 4 BP Carty 1 Tristan
MARTINEZ, FERNANDO 3 Full Moon 1 Greg Ambr 1 Full Moon
MERCER, JORDY 1 BP Carty 1 Full Moon



Lawr Michaels' Commentary

Lawr is covering the SF Giants game today for, so he has entrusted Todd Zola to add his $.02 to the NL LABR FAAB.

Todd Zola's Commentary

Geez, I wish I could play in a league with these bozos.

Andrelton Simmons was the big catch this week. Simmons almost broke camp with the Braves, but Tyler Pastornicky was given first dibs at the SS gig and obviously came up short. Simmons' walk and contact rates portend to decent on base skills, which could result in some steals for Rotowire's Dalton Del Don. This was a very nice pickup since Dalton is at the bottom of a tightly clustered group in the steals category so there are points to be had.

Alex Castellanos also drew some serious interest with Tristan H. Cockcroft of ESPN leading the way. Castellanos is also a stolen base threat. He's an outfielder by trade, but has dabbled recently at second base. His profile is a bit odd as he strikes out a ton, but also walks a ton. The amount of playing time he gets while Matt Kemp recovers from his hamstring injury will likely depend on which of those two skills carry over the the Bigs. If Castellanos can make decent contact, he can be a sparkplug type and the Dodgers have ample moving parts to get him in the lineup.

Brett Wallace is going to be interesting to follow and I suspect Doug Dennis is hoping he hits well enough in Carlos Lee's stead that Houston is comfortable dealing El Caballero, paving the way for regular at bats for Wallace.




CHISENHALL, LONNIE 13 Todd Zola 6 Rotowire 4 KFFL 3 Fred Zink 1 Mike Pod
EOVALDI, NATHAN 5 Rotowire 4 Fred Zink
GWYNN JR., TONY 3 Rotowire 1 Fred Zink 1 Tom Trude 1 Mike Pod
CABRERA, EVERTH 3 BBHQ 4 Todd Zola 1 Fred Zink
SAUNDERS, MICHAEL 1 Tom Trude 1 Mike Pod
MATHER, JOE 1 Bobby Col


HAGUE, MATT 1 Todd Zola

Todd Zola's Commentary

When you draft Troy Tulowitzki, you do so expecting a DL stint or two and hoping for that 3 week stretch where he is the best hitter on the planet -- one down, one to go. I opted for Lonnie Chisenhall (I have Sean Rodriguez to scoot around) instead of Andrelton Simmons, mainly because I am so far behind in steals it is not worth trying to catch up, I just take the "1" and try to pump up the other categories. Chisenhall appears to have handled his being set to Triple-A to begin the season well and is a good bet to keep the hot corner job in Cleveland.

In case you do not know of Fred Zinkie of, he is quietly one of the better players in the mixed format and showed why with a nice snag of Michael Fiers, starting for Marco Estrada in Milwaukee. If Randy Wolf continues to struggle, Fiers could remain in the rotation even when Estrada is ready. It will be interesting to track Fiers versus Nathan Eovaldi, another young starting pitcher. Apparently, Fred wanted Eovaldi more than Fiers, but fell short to Rotowire's Derek Van Riper. I'm not so sure Fred won't be glad his Eovaldi bid came up a buck short.

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Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well as the runner-up bids. There are three LABR leagues, a 12-team AL only, 13-team NL only and 15-team Mixed League. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

Tout Wars uses a modified Vickrey system to award bids. For a complete description of the Vickrey system, click HERE for the Tout Wars constitution.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this is a bid tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.




HMatsui, TB 17 (10) Erickson 7 Berry 7 Shandler 6 Behrens 5 Siano 3 Wolf/Colton
SPryor, Sea 11 (10) Behrens 4 Liss 0 Siano 0 Erickson
PStrop, Bal 5 Schechter 2 Collette 0 Moyer
AGose, Tor 4 Behrens 3 Wolf/Colton
DWorth, Det 3 Wolf/Colton
WSmith, KC 3 Erickson 3 Wolf/Colton
SPearce, Bal 3 Siano 3 Erickson 3 Wolf/Colton
MMcCoy, Tor 3 Collette 0 Moyer 0 Berry 0 Wolf/Colton
JMcGee, TB 2 Collette 0 Siano 0 Erickson 0 Leibowitz
VMazzaro, KC 1 Siano
JMitchell, CWS 1 Liss
NJones, CWS 0 Moyer 0 Siano
JNix, NYY 0 Berry 0 Erickson 0 Wolf/Colton
NPunto, Bos 0 Shandler 1 Erickson 0 Wolf/Colton
CCrosby, Det 0 Erickson
STolleson, Bal 0 Wolf/Colton
ARosales, Oak 0 Wolf/Colton
MLowe, Tex 0 Leibowitz


JManship, Min 1 Erickson
AGonzalez, Tex 0 Wolf/Colton
CWade, NYY 0 Erickson
DWise, NYY 0 Berry
JHester, LAA 0 Erickson
JHowell, TB 0 Leibowitz
JIsringhausen, LAA 0 Leibowitz
JLobaton, TB 0 Erickson
JNorberto, Oak 0 Moyer
KGregg, Bal 0 Leibowitz
SAtchison, Bos 0 Erickson

Rob Leibowitz Commentary

Hideki Matsui received 6 bids and a $10 claim price from Erickson. Everyone here was fishing for a potential bargain/is not overly inspired by the former Yankee. Right now Matusi is actually healthy enough to be utilized as more than a DH and has smacked a pair of homeruns. While Matsui may see fairly steady playing time for the coming week, things could be well up in the air once Desmond Jennings comes off the disabled list a week from tomorrow, limiting him to pinch-hitting and part-time duty given the presence of lefties Matt Joyce and Luke Scott on the roster. Matsui will turn 38 next week and has not topped the 20+ HR plateau since 2010, but at least remains a disciplined hitter, so there may be something left in the tank if he can get the opportunity at consistent playing time.

As for my moves this week, I promoted Garrett Richards now that he is temporarily in the rotation and rather than chase Matsui, opted to add a cheap reliever who misses bats like Mark Lowe.




ASimmons, Atl 26 (21) Cockcroft 20 Gianella 16 Kreutzer 13 Ravitz 8 Carty 1 Peterson
0 Gardner
NEovaldi, LAD 13 (10) Ravitz 6 Walton 6 Zola 2 Peterson 1 Cockcroft 0 Gardner
YGrandal, SD 10 Walton 3 Cockcroft
DLeMahieu, Col 7 Zola 6 Gardner 4 Kreutzer 3 Carty 1 Cockcroft 1 Gianella
0 Peterson
CNelson, Col 6 Kreutzer 4 Cockcroft 3 Gardner 2 Carty 1 Gianella 1 Peterson
0 Ravitz
JConstanza, Atl 6 Kreutzer 6 Zola 2 Walton 1 Ravitz 1 Carty 1 Gianella
JRuggiano, Fla 4 Carty 1 Kreutzer 0 Peterson 0 Walton 0 Gianella
CYoung, NYM 3 Hertz 2 Walton
CHensley, SF 2 Kreutzer 0 Ravitz 0 Hertz
JValdespin, NYM 1 Gianella 0 Cockcroft
TThornburg, Mil 1 Ravitz
ESanchez, StL 1 Hertz 0 Cockcroft 0 Ravitz
MDavidson, Ari 1 Melnick
BSchneider, Phi 0 Peterson 0 Carty
WNieves, Col 0 Carty
OQuintanilla, NYM 0 Carty 0 Cockcroft 0 Gianella
JMercer, Pit 0 Gianella 0 Carty
VRottino, NYM 0 Gianella
LForsythe, SD 0 Gardner


DCarpenter, Hou 4 Zola 1 Kreutzer
RBrothers, Col 3 Zola
BConrad, Mil 2 Kreutzer 0 Gianella 0 Carty
JOutman, Col 1 Hertz
CWallace, Hou 1 Walton
CColeman, ChC 1 Kreutzer 0 Zola 0 Hertz
BConrad, Mil 0 Gianella
HBlanco, Ari 0 Carty
JGiambi, Col 0 Gianella
MCairo, Cin 0 Carty
MGonzalez, Hou 0 Carty 0 Gardner 0 Gianella
MKotsay, SD 0 Gianella
MMaldonado, Mil 0 Peterson 0 Zola
MRzepczynski, StL 0 Zola
RBelisario, LAD 0 Ravitz
SElbert, LAD 0 Hertz
TByrdak, NYM 0 Ravitz
TGorzelanny, Was 0 Hertz
VMarte, StL 0 Ravitz 0 Hertz

Brian Walton's Commentary

What might have been?

A player I took in the reserve rounds but gave up on after a poor start in Double-A elicited the highest bidding of the week. Atlanta’s new shortstop Andrelton Simmons was an earlier victim of our very limited four-man reserve rosters but is now the property of Tristan H. Cockcroft for $21 ($26 Vickrey). Simmons can pick it, but the open question is whether he can hit enough to stick. Tyler Pastornicky knows all about that.

Last week, I made a pre-emptive $4 bid on the Dodgers’ Nathan Eovaldi before he was called up. It would have been a winner, but was overridden by my successful offer for Matt Hague. After a taste of success with the Dodgers, Eovaldi, a callup from Double-A with 2011 MLB experience, drew five bids this time around, with the winner paying $10 ($13 Vickrey).

Speaking of $10, I claim a mulligan on my $10 offer for Padres catcher Yasmani Grandal. On Friday, when I placed my bids, the top prospect was in the majors with the expectation that he would step in for struggling Nick Hundley. By Sunday night, he was sent back to Triple-A. Working the Sunday night game at Citi Field and doing a draft during the game, I didn’t check player news before the midnight deadline and ended up paying $6 too much for a player who may or may not be back in the majors anytime soon. I never want to root for another player to do badly, but pox on you, Nick Hundley!




LChisenhall, Cle 16 (10) Heaney 2 Schwartz 1 Flowers 0 Minnix
MRamirez, Oak 7 Mack
NEovaldi, LAD 6 Van Riper 1 Heaney 0 Minnix 0 Trachtman
GRichards, LAA 4 Van Riper 0 Heaney
UJimenez 4 Mack 3 Swanay
SLombardozzi, Was 4 Flowers
MFiers, Mil 4 Swanay
BPena, KC 3 Swanay
FMartinez, Hou 2 Schwartz
SPryor, Sea 2 Singman
TGreene, StL 2 Swanay
JLyles, Hou 2 Swanay
RSweeney, Bos 1 Flowers 0 Minnix
BWallace, Hou 1 Heaney
GKottaras, Mil 1 Singman
DGee, NYM 1 Davitt 2 Swanay 0 Minnix
KMillwood, Sea 1 Heaney 1 Van Riper
WSmith, KC 0 Heaney
GBalfour, Oak 0 Minnix 0 Heaney
NMorgan, Mil 0 Minnix 0 Schwartz


ASimmons, Atl 2 Swanay
EJohnson, TB 2 Swanay
JHapp, Hou 2 Swanay
TPlouffe, Min 2 Swanay 0 Heaney
HNoesi, Sea 1 Van Riper
JArrieta, Bal 1 Van Riper
KKendrick, Phi 1 Van Riper
ACrow, KC 1 Swanay 0 Heaney
BRyan, Sea 1 Swanay 0 Flowers
BSchneider, Phi 1 Swanay
CSnyder, Hou 1 Swanay
GLaird, Det 1 Swanay 0 Singman
JArredondo, Cin 1 Swanay
JBenoit, Det 1 Swanay
JLobaton, TB 1 Swanay
MOlivo, Sea 1 Swanay
RTheriot, SF 1 Swanay
YGrandal, SD 1 Singman
DHernandez, Ari 1 Minnix
ACastellanos, LAD 1 Flowers
JLopez, Cle 1 Flowers 0 Heaney
MLaPorta, Cle 1 Flowers
TGwynn, LAD 1 Flowers 0 Heaney
VGuerrero, Tor 1 Flowers
LMarson, Cle 0 Singman
BVillarreal, Det 0 Minnix
GHolland, KC 0 Heaney
PWalters, Min 0 Heaney
RCook, Oak 0 Heaney
SPodsednik, Bos 0 Heaney
TWood, ChC 0 Heaney
ACallaspo, LAA 0 Flowers
CBarmes, Pit 0 Flowers
CFiggins, Sea 0 Flowers
CRansom, Mil 0 Flowers
DDescalso, StL 0 Flowers
EHerrera, LAD 0 Flowers
EYoung, Col 0 Flowers
JArias, SF 0 Flowers
MHague, Pit 0 Flowers
SRobinson, StL 0 Flowers

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

This week was a rare week in Mixed Tout FAAB bidding, as saves were nowhere near the main focus. Instead, Lonnie Chisenhall garnered the highest bid, $16 by Tim Heaney. Vickrey reduced his price tag to $10, however, as the next highest bid was a mere two bucks. Chisenhall, fresh off the minor league DL, was called up by the Indians last week and has enjoyed a productive start to his big league season, going 6-for-18 (.333 AVG) with two homers, three RBIs and two steals through five games. Chisenhall lost out to Jack Hannahan in the competition for the Indians’ starting third base job this spring, but with Hannahan now on the DL, the 23-year-old former top prospect has a golden opportunity to wrestle the job back should he perform well.

Eric Mack opted to shell out seven bucks for Manny Ramirez, who could join the A’s later this month. I honestly thought about bidding on Manny, but after getting burned by his former teammate, Johnny Damon, I’m officially staying away from aging DH types who missed all of spring training.

It was another one of Mack’s purchases that caught my eye, however. Ubaldo Jimenez has had a terrible season so far, and he’s been pretty awful since joining the Indians last summer, but is he worth a $4 bid based on past performance? Probably. It really is amazing how far Ubaldo’s stock has fallen in less than a year.

I was just about to enter a bid for Padres’ top prospect Yasmani Grandal when I noticed that he was optioned back to the minors after just one big league at-bat. Wow, that was fast. So instead, I became one of the five owners who did not bid on anyone.

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Double Duty Drafting - Twice the Fun PDF Print E-mail
Written by Perry Van Hook   
Sunday, 03 June 2012 13:19

Doing double duty drafting Sunday evening on the computer. In the first, competing in a FF mock draft with several other well-known site/players at 8 PM ET and in the second, doing a monthly free agent draft for the XFL starting at 9 PM ET. So I thought I would let those interested follow along as we zig and zag between FF and FB. I will be updating as both drafts progress but here are the basics going in.

The fantasy football mock is for a 12 team league starting QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/WR/TE/Flex/K/DST with five bench spots. I will be drafting tenth out of twelve and hoping for a TE/WR or RB/WR start but of course you can’t really predict what nine others will do and the first pick will change the second.

It will be interesting to see how these sites/writers draft their Quarterbacks

  • BFD Fantasy Football - John Duckworth
  • Roto Experts –Adam Ronis
  • FF Pools – K. Bross
  • Rotowire – Howard Bender
  • Draft
  • Rotowire – Mike Gottlieb
  • – Mike Gallagher
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Personally I am old school there and would never draft a quarterback in the first round and likely not in the second round (although I can see a case for taking Aaron Rodgers early in the second). I suspect there will be two quarterbacks taken before my pick in the first round which should mean I will get a better RB or WR than I might if everyone held off on getting a passer. And the sound argument for waiting is that while the top quarterbacks will outscore the other positions there isn’t much variance in the top PPG amongst the top ten although clearly Rodgers makes the counter argument.

Current basic ADP at MDC for drafts in the last three weeks in fact shows four QBs – Rodgers, Brees, Newton, and Brady all going in the first round, along with seven RBs – Foster, McCoy, Rice, MJD, Forte, Johnson, and Mathews. That leaves only one WR – Calvin Johnson and no tight ends being drafted. Seems odd – let’s see what comes of the board tonight:

1.01- Arian Foster, RB, HOU

1.02 - Ray Rice, RB, BALT

1.03 - LeSean McCoy, RB, PHL

1.04 - Calvin Johnson, WR, DET

1.05 - Aaron Rodgers, QB, GB

1.06 - Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, JAX

1.07 - Drew Brees, QB, NO

1.08 - Chris Johson, RB, TEN

1.09 - Cam Newton, QB, CAR

1.10 - Jimmy Graham, TE, NO

1.11 - Victor Cruz, WR, NYG

1.12 - Andre Johnson, WR, HOU

 Pretty happy the way it went and I got the Charger's Ryan Matthews with my second round pick

I expect that we should draft four rounds – maybe well into the fifth in the first hour in this draft and then I will have to make my first pick in our monthly free agent draft in the XFL. I will have the seventh pick in the first round as I am currently 9th in the fifteen team league (was 8th yesterday having just gone up to the next group with total points in the 80s this week).

I need to get the best MI I can with Tulowitzki now on the DL and of course there is always the need for more pitching. I probably won’t have the internal debate again on Quintin Berry as I suspect a team drafting ahead of me may either consider him a possible $10 keeper for next year or just need the stolen bases to move up this year. The problem of full time at bats affects the MI choice – really only Cody Ransom is a full time player although for a while at least Everth Cabrera may be in the lineup every day with Andy Parrino now on the DL. It would be a tough choice if both Ransom and my top pitcher, another Brewer – Mike Fiers were both available but let’s see…………

Okay here is how the mock draft went for me for the first ten rounds

1.01 - Graham

2.03 - Mathews

3.10 - Mike Wallace, PIT

4.03 - Steve Smith, CAR

5.10 - Willis McGahee, DEN

6.03 - Eli Manning, NYG

7.10 - Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis, CIN

8.03 - Santonio Holmes, NYJ

9.10 - Tony Gonzalez, ATL

10.03 - Nate Washington, TEN

Amazingly we finished the fifteen rounds in one hour - all the picks weren't the best (sorry fellas) but they were Fast.

Here is the rest of my draft - will add analysis later. If you have any questions it is better in the FF Forum on the message boards than here.

11.10 - Tim Hightower, WAS

12.03 - Davone Bess, MIA

13.10 - Steelers DST

14.03 - Randall Cobb, GB

15.10 - K....for me Rob Bironas, TEN good leg with a late bye

Okay, over to the chat room for the XFL draft where it turns out I had plenty of extra time to turn off the extra laptop and get set up.

As I suspected Lawr took Berry with the first pick, so with my first round pick I actually had my choice of starting pitchers and took Kyle Kendrick over Mike Fiers who was grabbed later in the round.

Still had all my MI choices in the second round and didn't try and get cut and took Cody Ransom......actually if I had noticed that Gene McCaffrey was below me that way maybe I would have taken Pacheco but for my team he would be more of a next year hopeful and I am trying for a run to the top five this year.

With my third round pick I wanted one of the SP with an upcoming two start week and like Scott Feldman's schedule (@ OAK and @ SF) over Travis Blackley or Cole Devries.

I took one more player (we used to only get three picks per month but expanded it to as many as you could make room for). I had strongly considered the Athletics Ryan Cook who could well be there closer next year but fortunately for me and my shiny coin he was taken before my next turn. So I took Jerry Hairston Jr. who can and hopefully will play all over the Dodger infield - not a big leap given the drek and youth they have on the team. If he gets to be a regular I will play him otherwise he is a great backup for my team.

That was actually fun - two drafts in less than two hours. Good company and barbs and comments back and forth without making me late for dinner. Now for a good bottle of red wine and some television with wifey. Juggling my rosters and lineups can wait until tomorrow morning.

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