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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017

Congrats to you if you had Michael Pineda (26 points), Danny Salazar (21 points), or Garrett Richards (19.66 points) yesterday. But that was yesterday and none of that matters for Monday at the Mastersball 50/50 Challenge.

Only nine MLB games are on the slate for Monday. We are going to look at Gerrit Cole ($8700) against the low-scoring Phillies as the most obvious pitching choice. None of the pitchers in the next wave really thrill me, so the choice is going to be Alex Colome ($4000). Colome has shown well in his first two starts this season at Boston and at Baltimore and is a high-strikeout pitcher.

Going with Colome will allow some room for higher-priced offensive players including the red-hot Bryce Harper ($5600) and Andrew McCutchen ($4800). I know that McCutchen has underperformed so far this season, but he is showing signs of a hitting run. 

Don't forget you can play against the other Mastersballers and me at Fantasy Score.

OK, maybe the cosmos are shining down on our moms. divining some funky weather in the country's mid-section, making games in Detroit, Colorado, and Pittsburgh iffy. On the other hand, that loosens up the family schedule for Mother's Day Brunches and other family plans.

Well, despite watching the game can indeed be a family affair, at the Mastersball 50/50 Challenge the gears keep churning. So, with that in mind, who am I looking at today?

I wanted to take a stab at the hot Kolten Wong ($4200) but sigh, that is a potential rainout, so I am going back with the pesky Cory Spangenberg ($1600) once more this weekend. The former first-round pick of the Padres has been nettlesome, putting up 14 points the last two days versus the D-backs, including five walks and a pair of steals. I am thinking he can keep it up and get another base-on-balls on the low side, making everything else gravy.

Then, the Metropolitans are facing Chad Billingsley, who is making his second start since 2013, so I like Lucas Duda ($4400) and Wilmer Flores ($2800) today.

Finally, there was a great piece on MLB.com on Andrew Cashner ($7100) and his mom over the weekend, so for Mother's Day, I am good with the 0-3, 3.60 mark his last three starts as he is pulling a whiff an inning, and well, he will do it for mom!

Have a great day with your mom (or whomever) and don't forget you can try to beat me and get the bragging rights at FantasyScore.

The Touts are duking it out at FanDuel in a contest that now has Adam Ronis, Scott Pianowski, and Jeff Erickson as qualifiers for the August tournament, and I want in too.

I am taking a little more of a mainstream this time, looking at starting pitchers I think will deliver innings and whiffs, so Gio Gonzalez ($8900) is my choice against the Braves.

For hitters, I like the Padres against Jeremy Hellickson, who has trouble keeping runners off the bases, so one of my "sleepers" is second sacker Cory Spangenberg ($2400) to just get me a walk or hit or something.

But, my second low-ball play is Orioles backstop Caleb Joseph ($2500), who has been stroking it of late (and whom I believe Lord Z likes). And, yes, I know not to bank on streaks statistically; however, Joseph is in the zone. Good enough for me.

It's FantasyScore Saturday, so get out your scoresheet and put on your thinking cap, as we all try to duke it out at the 50/50 Challenge.

It is a big day for starting pitchers, and I am indeed shooting the moon with both Johnny Cueto ($8900) against the White Sox, and well, I might as well ride Dallas Keuchel ($6400) on account of he is good.

As for hitters, on the high end I went with Miguel Cabrera ($5900) against the very hittable Jeremy Guthrie, and on the bottom end I'm looking at Carlos Ruiz ($2600), who has indeed had good success against lefty Jon Niese.

Remember, you can take us Mastersballers on at FantasyScore.


It has been a rough week finding pitchers in the Fantasy Score univers.  I tried some less-than-studs earlier in the week in a strategy that proved to be highly ineffective.

While even early season studs like Chris Archer can crash and burn on occasion, we will stick with chalk.  Matt Harvey ($9000) has scored at least 13 points in each of his five starts (as the beneficiary of five wins).  My only concern is a decline in strikeouts down to three in his last start, but the Phillies should help that total.

Then, I am going to bypass David Price ($8900) against the Royals who do not strike out much and be on James Shields ($7300) and his high K total (just needs to avoid the bats of Paul Goldschmidt and the recently-hot Mark Trumbo),

On the hitting side, the best match-ups look like they side with the Blue Jays, Cubs, Dodgers/Rockies, and Reds/White Sox (although there are some early weather concerns in Colorado and Chicago, and much of the midwest and south).

Don't forget you can play against the other Mastersballers and me at the Mastersball 50/50 Challenge.

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