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Sunday 22nd Jan 2017

2017 Mastersball Platinum
  • Jan. 20: Projections, START, Cutline Rankings,
    Todd's Thoughts and Z-Files are updated.
  •                         Mastersball Out and About
  • Lawr and Todd will be in Nashville for the FSTA draft,
    live on SiriusXM Fantasy, Monday Jan. 23 at 7:00 PM ET
  • DraftKings 200x40

    IMAGE Patrick's NHL DFS Picks for Saturday, January 21 "We will be entertained with 11 games today, and a few of..." Read More...
    IMAGE Patrick's NHL DFS Picks for Thursday, January 19 "Thursday night offers up eight games for our DFS needs and..." Read More...
    IMAGE Lawr's PGA Picks for The CareerBuilder Challenge "Well, I am a year into my foray into Fantasy Golf, and I..." Read More...

    RealTime 200x40

    IMAGE Lawr's Beat the Experts DFS Picks for Friday, September 30 "Tonight is the night. That is, the last night of games to..." Read More...
    IMAGE Pasko’s Baseball Picks for Tuesday, September 27 "Mastersball’s daily MLB DFS projections for..." Read More...
    IMAGE Brian's Baseball Picks for Monday, September 26 "Following are my top selections for the Mastersball Daily..." Read More...



    • Choosing to Differ

      Choosing to Differ

      by Zach Steinhorn Read More
    • #MockDraftArmy #1 and #2: Whaaaaaaat?

      #MockDraftArmy #1 and #2: Whaaaaaaat?

      by Lawr Michaels Read More
    • Piling up the Numbers

      Piling up the Numbers

      by Patrick Wisniewski Read More
    • Yes! Real Playoff Games

      Yes! Real Playoff Games

      by Lawr Michaels Read More
    • English Premier League Gameweek 22 DFS

      English Premier League Gameweek 22 DFS

      by Pasko Varnica Read More
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